Pern's Ponderings

Check here periodically for my musings on photography. In this space, we'll explore how I achieved particular photographs, tips and tricks to get the most out of your camera or even just my thoughts on the world at large. 

Barrels at Dusk

There were so many days full of killer waves during September's storm season off Rhode Island's south coast, but this particular day was my favorite. While there may have been bigger swells on other days, none compared to the clean waves and gorgeous golden hour light of Sept. 13, 2017. 

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Storm Surge

  A surfer rips up the face of a double-overhead wave a day after Winter Storm Stella passed the Rhode Island shore. 

A surfer rips up the face of a double-overhead wave a day after Winter Storm Stella passed the Rhode Island shore. 

Winter Storm Stella was a dud from a snow perspective, but she brought with her a massive surge of double-overhead waves that sent barrel after barrel breaking off Monahan's Dock in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island. At least two dozen surfers were in the water at any given time despite frigid temperatures that struggled to reach 20 degrees. One surfer left the water with ice covering his beard, but that didn't stop him from catching a few sweet rides. 

Note: All photos are available for purchase, even if they do not appear in the shop. Please contact me through the link at the bottom of the page to inquire about prints.  

Getting High

Mind-altering drugs have inspired many artists and visionaries - from H.R. Giger to Steve Jobs. For these creative talents, getting high was all about altering one's perspective to open his or her mind. For me, getting high has nothing at all to do with drugs (I've never done them), but rather my new addiction to drone photography. 

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Getting the Shot (Or Not)

The coyote crouches, tensing, waiting. Its fur ripples as the sinewy muscles prepare to fire, launching the canine 15 feet across the small creek. I square up the coyote in my viewfinder, my own muscles also tensed, ready to fire the shutter and capture the moment the coyote leaps across the abyss (OK, it was more of a small dropoff). 

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Wedding Day

Working primarily as a landscape and nature photographer, I am often able to singularly focus on capturing whatever it is I have set out to photograph. Whether it's creating a unique image of a well-known landmark or capturing the critical moment as an osprey swoops toward its prey, there is very little pressure to create any one particular image. If I miss an opportunity, I'm usually the only one who will know that I missed it. 

Wedding photography, as you can imagine, is an entirely different animal, and with it comes an entire set of challenges and pressures unique to the industry. I had the great fortune of experiencing these challenges earlier this month while shooting Bria and Bill's wedding.

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3 Minutes to Better Photos

There are a lot of things to think about when you put your eye to the viewfinder of you camera - Shutter speed, ISO, aperture, autofocus or manual focus, single shot or burst mode, etc., etc. 

But for all the settings a photographer must get correct to create a striking image, none of them matter without the proper foundations of composition. A properly exposed but poorly composed photograph is still a poor photograph. 

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Pictures That Pop

When I release the shutter on my camera, I have a very specific vision of the image I'm trying to create. And when I capture an image I'm proud of, the next step is bringing it to life through various printing and mounting processes so the image hanging on the wall matches the vision I had when I captured it. 

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Foul Weather Photography Fun

Photographers are accustomed to aiming for the sweet spot of the "Golden Hour" - the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset - to make their best photos. The light is gorgeous and makes your subjects pop. 

And while shooting under ideal conditions can often lead to the best photographs, it's important to remember never to pass up an opportunity, even if the conditions aren't exactly favorable.

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So long 2014

As the sun sets on 2014, it's been fun going through my archives and thinking about all that has happened during past year. This year has been an exciting time for Pernicone Photography, both personally and professionally.

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